Vriesveem De Berg BV
Parkstad 4505
Minckelersstraat 3
6372 PP Landgraaf

T. +31 (0)45-5695960
F. +31 (0)45-5695961


Vriesveem De Berg, based in Landgraaf and Heerlen (NL), specialises in blending, storage and transhipment of chilled or frozen fruit juice concentrates and purees, as well as any other types of chilled and frozen foods. Vriesveem De Berg offers a highly flexible production process which rapidly adapts to customer’s needs


Vriesveem De Berg is also your partner for temporary storage solutions of chilled or frozen products in the event of need to postpone shipment or for goods having suffered damage en route (I.E. damaged packaging or goods).



Vriesveem De Berg extended and renewed facilities in Landgraaf and Heerlen offers the following:


  • Chilled storage and transhipment of bulk concentrates
  • Storage and transhipments of cargo in bulk, drums, bins or any other packaging
  • Blending station
  • Filling station
  • Modern laboratory
  • Customs entrepôt type C
  • Transport and logistics
  • Value added services


Vriesveem De Berg is located in the south of the Netherlands, close to the German and Belgian borders, on the main arterial routes linking the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam directly with the Ruhrgebiet in Germany. Our location also offers quick and easy access to France and the rest of Germany.